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Office of Communications F.I.


The Office of Communications of the Franciscans of the Immaculate was inaugurated after the General Council held in 2008.


The O.C. has the task of coordinating communicative activities of the Institute according to four dynamics, i.e.:


Research, programming, implementation, and evaluation.


Its goal is to create, by means of the media and public relations:


1.) Quality relationship among public figures of the Institute:

Internal (friars, sisters, T.O.F.I., M.I.M.)

External (The Holy See, bishops, clergy, vocations, benefactors, relatives, parishioners, readers, listeners, TV-viewers, etc.) 

The activity of media relations is a chapter apart of the external public. It consists in giving to the press, which ranges from agencies to daily newspapers, TV, radio, etc., that which we find suitable for publishing; all that is good and beneficial for the Institute, i.e. press reports on our works of apostolate or study, event notices, prayer group meetings, various encounters of particular importance, etc.

At the same time, all information published on the Institute (Press Review) is collected, in order to evaluate the general opinion of those outside the Institute, correcting eventual erroneous valuations detrimental to the Institute itself. Likewise, to intensify the promotion of elements which qualifies the Institute in its spiritual and operational importance in the Church and society.


2.) Raising to a professional level and quality the various mass-media instruments presently at disposition (radio, TV, press, reviews, web, etc.) with the goal of a more efficacious apostolate.


3.) Communication in critical cases and times for the Institute; managing with competence such situations which could have a negative reverb on its very image. 


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